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Trump vs Clinton PT:1 Decoded. NAFTA to Bohemian Grove

September 27th, 2016

On this edition of Distorted Reality, I go deeper into the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I breakdown just some of what they said and the hidden meanings. Everything from NAFTA, Federal Reserve to race relations and most importantly Bohemian Grove. There is a whole other agenda at play and it's up to us to expose it! Take a listen as you'll hear what they won't say and the mainstream won't tell you. The New World Order is being exposed and Bohemian Grove is just a step into their abyss. Please take a listen and share to friends and family!


The 9/11 Cover Up

September 10th, 2016

It's the 15 year mark of the September 11th, 2001 terror attacks on the U.S. On this edition of Distorted Reality, I look into some of the evidence showing that the attacks were indeed a false flag. Set up by members of the U.S. government with help from Saudi Arabia, Israel and British Intelligence, they pulled off the biggest staged false flag in the U.S. since Pear Harbor. Take a listen to find out the people who were involved in planning the events starting back in September of 2000. Listen to how they almost fooled everyone into believing the official story to be true. Evrything from the Twin Towers collapsing to Building 7 to the Pentagon is discussed and reviewed. Please take a listen and share to friends and family!


Hillary, Donald and the NWO Agenda

July 28th, 2016

On this edition of Distorted Reality, I am joined by longtime friend and guest Wayne S. Pierce from 'The Truth Experience'. We get into the latest lies and deception from the RNC and DNC. How Hillary Clinton is dodging the bullets fired from Wikileaks and how Donald Trump continues to stir controversy. All this including foreign countries influencing American politics to how we can reverse the New World Order and return to all of us truly being free. Download or stream now! Please share to friends and family!


False Flags: Pearl Harbor to Sandy Hook EXPOSED!

July 14th, 2016

You want the real information, the real truth the mainstream won't give you? Well, you got it! On this episode I am joined by Wayne S. Pierce and we blow the lid off government staging major events to further their New World Order agenda. Everything from Pearl Harbor to Vietnam war to 9/11 is talked about. Plus a very real and engaging breakdown of the Sandy Hook school shooting. Events during and after the event that will leave you scratching your head! Please download and listen to this very informative, passionate broadcast. Share to friends and family and help fight censorship!


Dallas Massacre, Baton Rouge And Minnesota Shootings.

July 9th, 2016

On this episode of Distorted Reality, I look into the three huge events that took place in America over the last few days and what it means. From Baton Rouge, LA to Falcon Heights, MN, two officer involved shootings took place killing two black men. What happened and how did that lead to 5 Dallas police officers shot dead by a former Army veteran, who supposedly said he did it to kill white cops. Are these false flags? Or is their more to all of this. Please take a listen to the show and spread the word to friends and family!


Brexit, Benghazi, and the NWO

June 30th, 2016

On this edition of Distorted Reality, I am joined by Wayne S. Pierce and we get into all the FACTS. We discussed the Benghazi stand down that lead to four Americans killed in 2012. Why was a stand down given and who ordered it? Hillary Clinton's campaign partly funded by Saudi Arabia who fund ISIS. Also talked about is Britain getting out of the European Union and what this means to globalism. All of this and a whole lot more is talked about! Please take a listen and share to everyone you know!


Orlando mass shooting. False Flag?

June 15th, 2016

On this edition Distorted Reality, I am joined by Wayne S. Pierce from American Liberty Radio, and we discuss the horrific shooting that happened in Orlando, FL. We look into all aspects of what happened and who were the involved. Was the shooting a false flag? Are there ties to ISIS and Bilderberg? We get into it all! Please take a listen and pass along to friends and family! Support truth media and fight the censorship!


Bilderberg 2016, Young Generation Hate Trump, Violent Protesters at Trump Rallies

June 10th, 2016

On this edition of Distorted Reality, I cover the elite's meeting at Bilderberg Group 2016. What they will discuss and what they've done to journalists already there to cover the closed door event. I also breakdown why the young generation hate Donald Trump, why they support Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Also included in this edition I go off on the violent protesters attacking women and men at Trump rallies. Everything from safe spaces to hate speech to triggering is covered on today's podcast. Listen and share to friends and family!


Disaster Government with guest Brian Tuohy

May 26th, 2016

This edition of Distorted Reality is a MUST listen! I am joined by Brian Tuohy, of thefixisin.net and we get into his book, "Disaster Government: National Emergencies, Continuity of Government and You". He explains what his book is about, what inspired him to write it and how true the so-called 'conspiracy theories' are. Included in our conversation we dive into the House Resolution bills for the National Centers for Emergency, a.k.a. FEMA Camps. We also discuss the military use of D.U.M.B.S., or Deep Underground Military Bases, underground cities and a lot more! We go deep into the New World Order agenda and the elite's preparedness for whatever disaster they bring. Take a listen and share!


Breaking The Matrix With Special Guest Alex Newman

May 6th, 2016

On this important and informative edition of Distorted Reality, I am joined once again by Alex Newman of The New American Magazine and World Net Daily! We really get into the Donald Trump movement and ask, is he for real in engaging the globalists or is there something else going on? Also how misinformed are the young generation on the issues of globalism and how can we change this? Bilderberg Group are meeting in a few weeks and how does the affect the presidential election in the U.S.? All of this and a whole lot more on this edition! Please share this to everyone and help fight the censorship!


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