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Revealing the New World Order Agenda

April 29th, 2016

On this edition of Distorted Reality, I am joined by longtime guest Wayne S. Pierce, as we tackle the New World Order agenda. We speak on the current issues such as the constant media attacks against Donald Trump. Is there more behind it? Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders continue to spew the NWO agenda and break it down. Also get into how do we get the young people to break from the matrix and understand the real world and how it really works? A powerful episode in revealing the New World Order agenda. Take a listen and share to everyone you know!


The Fix Is In with special guest Brian Tuohy

April 22nd, 2016

Distorted Reality is back and in a big way! Author Brian Tuohy of thefixisin.net, joins the show to breakdown his research into how pro sports could be fixed. He explains how this could be happening and how far does it go. Everything from Kobe Bryant's last game to Super Bowl 3 we get into. Also discuss how similar the fixing of pro sports games is to the fixing of the presidential election. He's been on the Dan Patrick and Alex Jones show and now he's here! All of this and a lot more on this episode! Download now and share to your friends and family!


Murder, Deception and Fear: This is the U.S. Government at work.

March 11th, 2016

On this edition of Distorted Reality, I am joined by longtime guest, Wayne S. Pierce and we discuss the very latest on Cliven Bundy, the murder of Lavoy Finicum and the Pentagon admitting to using drones in the skies of America. Cliven Bundy is being used as an example by the government. Why, how? We explain. We also talk about the murder of Finicum in Oregon and how the Oregon state police were cleared of any wrong doing. Plus the Pentagon admits using Predator and Reaper drones to spy on American citizens. These are weaponized drones! Here why this is all important and share to friends and family!


Bernie Sanders vs White People and Donald Trump vs the Media

March 8th, 2016

On this broadcast of Distorted Reality, we look into how out if touch Bernie Sanders really is and Donald Trump's fight against mainstream media. First, Bernie says that white people don't know what it's like to be poor and live in the ghetto. What?! I play the audio of him saying just this himself and you'll hear it. Also get into just how bad Sanders really is. Second, we get into Trump's continued fight against the media. From the mainstream saying he's aligned with the KKK to saying he has his supporters doing the Nazi salute at rallies, the establishment is working hard to mislead the public. All of this and more on this broadcast. Share to everyone you know!


The GMO Conspiracy With Guest Nick Brannigan (NSFW)

March 2nd, 2016

On this uncensored, uncut, NSFW edition of Distorted Reality, I am joined by anti-GMO activist, Nick Brannigan from health conspiracy radio. We get into how GMO's are affecting us, what are GMO's and how we can educate others about them and more!. Technical difficulties aside, this is a must listen. Share this show with friends and family and together let's stop the New World Order!


The Fake World of Politics and the Danger it Brings

February 24th, 2016

On this edition of Distorted Reality, I am joined by long time guest of the show, Wayne S Pierce. Take a listen as we breakdown the fake world of politics and the puppet politicians who deceive and lie to us all. Get the info the elite don't want you to have. Listen and share to everyone you know!


Special Guest Alex Newman from World Net Daily and The New American!

February 2nd, 2016

I am honored to be joined on this broadcast by Alex Newman of The New American Magazine and World Net Daily! Getting into the indoctrination of our children in public schools to Alex being in Paris to cover the U.N. Climate Summit. Also get into Soros, CFR and the Middle East migrant invasion and a whole lot more! Please take a listen to this very informative broadcast and share to friends and family!


Sci-Fi Meets Reality

January 28th, 2016

An overview of secret government programs such as Majestic 12, Project Blue Beam and more with special guest, Wayne S. Pierce.


Hunting Hitler to GMO’s. What’s going on?

January 25th, 2016

On this broadcast, I am joined by my brother, and we dive a little into the History channel show, Hunting Hitler. What's wrong with the show and what did they miss? Also get into the ongoing debate into GMO's. What states are gaining ground in the fight of labeling and what does the government think about this? A lot more on this broadcast is discussed. Please subscribe and tell your friends and family about the show!


Obama’s lies and deception. The New World Order agenda is discussed.

January 21st, 2016

On this second episode of the relaunch, I welcome back Wayne S. Pierce to the show to cover the waterfront. We go into what Obama has done as puppet president to what are his biggest cons and deceptions. We also cover the BLM land grabs and unlawfulness. Also included is the New World Order as a whole and what are people thinking? Take a listen, subscribe and share to everyone you know!


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